Senior Leadership Team

Dr R Harris – Headteacher ([email protected])
Mr T Stevens – Assistant Headteacher Curriculum ([email protected])
Miss S Franklin – Assistant Headteacher Progress and Attainment ([email protected])
Mrs C Gallant – Assistant Headteacher Pastoral ([email protected])

Pupil Development Team

Mr J Davies – Head of Pupil Development ([email protected])
Miss N Goodall – Assistant Head of Pupil Development KS4 ([email protected])
Miss M Doyle – Assistant Head of Pupil Development KS3 ([email protected])
Miss C Smithson – Assistant Head of Pupil Development – Inclusions and Rewards ([email protected])

English Department

Mrs F Pauley – Head of English ([email protected])
Mr T Stevens – Teacher of English ([email protected])
Mrs K Gardiner – Teacher of English ([email protected])
Ms E Gleig – Teacher of English ([email protected])
Mrs S Banham – Teacher of English ([email protected])
Mr E Hutson – Teacher of English ([email protected])
Miss H Eaglestone – Teacher of English – ([email protected])

Science Department

Mrs C Riches – Head of Science ([email protected])
Mr D Morter – Teacher of Science ([email protected])
Mr R Moore – Teacher of Science ([email protected])
Miss E Rodger – Teacher of Science ([email protected])
Mrs S Nhamo – Teacher of Science ([email protected])
Mrs S Ward – Science Technician ([email protected])
Mrs E Joy – Science Technician ([email protected])

Maths Department

Mr P Worrall – Head of Maths ([email protected])
Mrs C Gallant – Teacher of Maths ([email protected])
Mrs K Brand – Teacher of Maths ([email protected])
Miss F Nicholls -Teacher of Maths ([email protected])
Mrs M Brown – Teacher of Maths ([email protected])
Mrs M SoobaroyenTeacher of Maths ([email protected])

MFL Department

Mrs J Sale – Teacher of MFL ([email protected])
Mrs H Hacon – Teacher of MFL ([email protected])

Technology Department

Mr R Tait – Head of Technology ([email protected])
Ms J Barrington – Teacher of Design Technology ([email protected])
Mr J Bennett – Teacher of Food Technology ([email protected])
Mrs R Ryan – Technology Technician (r[email protected])
Mr G Roberts – Senior Technology Assistant ([email protected])

Humanities Department

Mr J McGrath – Head of Humanities ([email protected])
Mrs E Newby – Teacher of Humanities ([email protected])
Miss D Copeman – Teacher of Humanities ([email protected])
Mrs K Melia – Teacher of Humanities ([email protected])
Ms E Gleig – Teacher of Humanities ([email protected])
Mrs S Nugent – Teacher of Humanities ([email protected])

Business and Computing Department

Mr S Soobaroyen – Head of Business and Computing ([email protected])
Mr S  Oxford – Teacher of ICT (

The Arts Department

Miss C Johnstone – Head of the Arts ([email protected])
Mrs S Banham – Teacher of Drama ([email protected])
Mrs L Ames – Teacher of Music ([email protected])
Ms J Williams – Teacher of Art ([email protected])

PE Department

Mrs S Wood – Head of PE ([email protected])
Mr J Davies – Teacher of PE ([email protected])
Miss F Nicholls -Teacher of PE ([email protected])


Mrs K Melia – ([email protected])

Cover Supervisors

Miss R Langstaff – Cover Manager ([email protected])
Mr M Britten-Jones – Cover Supervisor ([email protected])

Office and Admin

Mrs H Gardham – Finance Officer ([email protected])
Mrs W Barnes – PA to The Headteacher ([email protected])
Mrs C Reeve – Admin Assistant ([email protected])
Mrs C Dyble Fiske – Admin Reception (
Mrs J Rice – Data & Exams Manager ([email protected])
Mrs W Long – Attendance and Pastoral Support ([email protected]


Mrs J Bell – Librarian/Publicity Officer ([email protected])

Teaching Assistants

Mrs C Groom – Teaching Assistant ([email protected])
Mrs P Armes – Teaching Assistant ([email protected])
Mrs J Harwood – Teaching Assistant ([email protected])
Mrs J Humphreys – Teaching Assistant ([email protected])
Mrs C Daniels – Teaching Assistant ([email protected])


Mr C Burton – Premises Manager ([email protected])
Mr M Gant – Caretaker
Mr J Styles – Caretaker

Midday Supervisor Assistants (MSAs)

Mrs N Martin
Ms L Bush
Ms K Worbey

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