Science study at Long Stratton High School aims to prepare students for the ever-changing scientific and highly technological world in which we live.

At all levels pupils are encouraged to reflect on the wonder of the natural world and to have a greater awareness of the ways in which Science can impact on both our local and global environments. Pupils contribute to discussions about the moral dilemmas which can result from scientific advancement and consider how some opinions are influenced by different spiritual and cultural traditions.

Pupils are challenged to take greater responsibility and independence for their learning and develop their thinking, literacy and numeracy skills in a scientific context.

More importantly we strive to develop a curiosity in Science which extends beyond the classroom and will hopefully be maintained throughout life!

Key Stage Three

Years 7 and 8

A KS3 Scheme of work has been developed which implements the new KS3 curriculum across Biology, Physics and Chemistry for Science.

The Activate Scheme of work also provides pupils with an online platform to support their progress with clear steps to secure and extend learning. Frequent practical work stimulates and maintains interest.

Key Stage Four

We offer a range of courses that are tailored to meet different academic needs and aspirations.

Year 11 2016/17

AQA Triple Science

Triple Science allows pupils to gain separate GCSEs in all three Sciences. The course is linear with all exams being taken at the end of Year 11.

AQA GCSE Additional Science.

This is a year course covering aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It involves coursework which counts for 25 % of the final mark. All exams are taken at the end of year 11.

Years 9/10/11 2016/17

AQA Combined Science Trilogy is a new qualification which replaces the previous Core and Additional Double Science awards. All pupils who are not doing separate Sciences will take this qualification. The course includes a range of topics across the fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The course is linear and all exams are taken at the end of Year 11.There is no coursework element in the course with class practicals being examined within the final papers. Pupils will achieve two GCSE qualifications in Combined Science.

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