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At Long Stratton High School, all pupils entering the school at Year 7 choose either French or Spanish.

Our aim is to provide the necessary skills and knowledge of grammatical structures to prepare our students not only for their GCSEs but for further language learning either at KS5 or at university.

Furthermore, our students will develop a lifelong interest and curiosity for other people’s languages and cultures, as they will be exposed to a wide range of cultural topics which include festivals, celebrations and the arts. This highlights the incredible cultural richness and diversity in both the Spanish and French speaking worlds.

During KS3, students will learn a very wide range of grammar and vocabulary that will stablish solid the foundations from which to start KS4.

During the course of years 10 and 11, students will be preparing for their GCSE exams, following AQA’s exam board syllabus and specification. By using a well-designed curriculum across the Key Stages, well planned and taught lessons and a wide range of tailored programmes of support and revision, we will strive to enable every student to reach their full potential in our subject.

Year 6 Language Preference

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