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At Long Stratton High School, we teach French and Spanish. Since September 2015, all pupils entering the school at Year 7 choose either French or Spanish. Our aim is to produce confident communicators in a foreign language, where achieving a GCSE in a language really counts for something. For this reason, all teaching takes place in the foreign language from the very beginning. Situations are created in the classroom through fun, interactive and challenging activities where language is used for real purposes as we learn to communicate with each other. In Year 7 pupils learn a very wide range of language, grammar and communication skills. These provide a firm foundation on which to build in Years 8, 9 and 10, when pupils get to grips with all of the topic areas for GCSE, develop their grammar further and explore cultural issues. In Year 11, pupils prepare for the final examination with a thorough revision programme which brings everything together and raises their language level still further. Our course, developed by teachers at the school, satisfies the requirements of the Languages Programme of Study for KS3 and the GCSE syllabus for the AQA exam board.


Year 6 Language Preference

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