Our aim is to make each student a competent and confident mathematician, able to take the next step in their life.

Mathematics is the key to working in Science, Health, Economics and Banking. The thinking skills learned in mathematics are applicable to Law, Politics and Philosophy. The practical skills of balancing budgets, for home or for work, of running a business and costing a new kitchen are learnt in part in the mathematics classroom.

At Key Stage 4, we were delighted to take part in the trial of the new GCSE mathematics exam with AQA. We are one of fewer than 300 schools that took part nationally and so far it has been of great benefit to our pupils. Students take 2 GCSE exams. One is called Methods in Mathematics and is a pure maths exam. The other is called Applications of Mathematics and is an exam into the uses of Maths.

A few students take the AQA Linear Mathematics GCSE and we are able to offer the Entry Level qualification in Maths for the minority of pupils that may benefit.

We prepare pupils for beyond GCSE by teaching them the Free Standing Maths Qualification as an after school club to help the transition to A-level. It is a small part of the course, but it is taken to AS level standard.

Our programmes of study follow the Statutory guidance for the National Curriuclum in England.

MATHS Curriculum

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