Key Stage Three Homework: ‘Read and Revise’

For year seven, eight and nine, pupils are given Mastery Homework in their subjects. Mastery Homework requires pupils to revise vital knowledge from their subjects. This revision may take many forms depending upon the subject.  Low stakes quizzes and challenges in lessons are then used to help pupils practise recalling what they have learnt and so that pupils gain quick feedback about their progress.

For guidance about how to revise for the mastery homeworks at home, please see the link on our Youtube channel:

In addition to mastery homework, pupils are also expected to read widely and update their reading journals. These reading homeworks are set and monitored in pupils’ fortnightly library lessons.

Key Stage Four Homework: GCSE Study and practise

GCSE subjects set weekly homeworks to help pupils to master their subjects. These take many forms and vary according to the subject. Typically they include revision tasks, practise exam questions and coursework preparation.

All homework set can be viewed online via

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