Pupils are required to wear:

• For Girls – Either a black skirt or black trousers.  Please note: skirts must only be of a suitable length, purchased from

the Schoolwear Centre and require the school logo. Black trousers – smart and tailored (not skinny fit, jeans,

leggings, jeggings, or combat). Belts can be worn provided they are not fashion belts and they fit inside the belt loops.

• For Boys – Black trousers – smart and tailored (not skinny fit, jeans, leggings, jeggings, or combat). Belts can be worn

provided they are not fashion belts and they fit inside the belt loops.

• Smart white collared shirt

• School tie (maroon with silver stripes) from the Schoolwear Centre

• Black blazer with LSHS logo from the Schoolwear Centre

• Optional grey cardigan or jumper of plain design (not PE tops nor hoodies)

• Tights should be plain black, dark grey or a natural colour.

• Sensible  black leather or leather-look shoes – canvas pumps and trainers are not allowed.

• Outdoor coats should be plain navy blue, grey or black and must not be worn in the school or classrooms. Hoodies of

any description are not allowed. Outdoor headwear is not allowed inside the school buildings.


 Physical Education Wear:

• A plain white polo shirt (with collar) or LSHS PE top

• A pair of plain black shorts (soccer/hockey style)

• Plain black sweatshirt with the school logo (available from the Schoolwear Centre)

• Sports socks

• Trainers with non-marking soles and studded boots for the 3G pitch (not blades or flat-bottomed trainers)

• Plain black tracksuit bottoms are an optional extra for sports activities

• Long hair must be tied up neatly and securely

• All jewellery must be removed during PE and Swimming lessons



Pupils will require mainly plain black swimsuits/swimming trunks (no bikinis). Above the knee swim shorts are acceptable. All

swimmers must have a swimming cap to protect the filters in the pool. A white t-shirt can be worn over swimwear.


 Protective clothing

All pupils need to wear protective clothing for DT and a suitable apron should be purchased from the Schoolwear Centre.



The wearing of jewellery in school is considered a health and safety risk. A single, plain stud in either or each ear is acceptable.

Ear spacers and stretchers are not allowed. No body or facial piercing is allowed. A crucifix is allowed but other types of

jewellery, including rings, may not be worn. If a pupil is wearing or has brought into school items that are not allowed, they

must be removed and will be confiscated.



Pupils in Years 10 and 11 are allowed to use a minimal amount of subtle make-up. Nail varnish and false nails are not allowed.

Pupils will be asked to remove excess make-up, nail varnish and false nails in school.


 Hair Styles

Pupils should have their hair arranged in a smart, tidy manner which conforms to health and safety considerations. Artificially

coloured hair, which is not of a natural colour, is not allowed.


Lost property will be reduced if garments are marked with pupils names. The school recognises the diversity of its students and

its obligation to equal opportunities. Any items worn or brought into school that do not conform to the school’s uniform will

be confiscated. If parents have specific concerns about uniform please contact the Headteacher.


Equipment needed for the school day

The equipment every pupil should have with them every school day:


Uniform Supplier

Our school uniform can be found at Stevensons school uniform outfitters based in Norwich, for a uniform list see the link below under useful documents.


Useful Documents

Long Stratton High School uniform list by Stevensons


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