At Long Stratton High School pupils study ICT in Key Stage 3 and have Core sessions in Key Stage 4. These lessons provide them with a vast opportunity of functional and transferable skills, in line with the government requirements and meeting pupil’s needs in preparation for college.

The ICT lessons involve various tasks that are designed to get you involved and be creative. The nature of the subject expects us to be constantly changing and adapting through the use of technology. You will get the opportunity to experience programming in Scratch, game design using various software, web design, office programs and other key areas useful in today’s ever-changing social and business worlds.

The opportunities here in ICT are exciting and innovative and we believe the skills you leave us with will be of benefit wherever your future lies.

KS3 Computing Curriculum 2016

At Key Stage 4 pupils have the opportunity to take an option subject within Business and Computing which involve the following areas:-

Business Studies

Pupils learn about the everyday environment, how a customer’s needs are met, product branding, enterprise, economics, marketing, people skills and how business effects society.

Business Studies Edexcel GCSE

Computer Science

Pupils learn about programming and development through the use of key data types in Python. They will learn a variety of key terminology which includes; Algorithms, Variables, If Statements, Loops, Functions, Procedures, Syntax errors, Binary, GUI, Modules and Arrays. They will discover how to create programs independently which are complex and are able to apply their skills in order to solve given solutions.

OCR GCSE Computer Science


Pupils learn about a range of media including film, television, web development, gaming and animation, along with other key factors. They learn knowledge in a number of key areas in this field from pre-production skills to digital graphics. There is a high emphasis on design and the system life cycle through the planning elements to design, followed by evaluation of a final product.

Creative i-Media GCSE OCR

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