Welcome to the Humanities department at LSHS, comprising the subjects of Geography, History and Beliefs and Values.

All three subjects make a vital contribution to students’ knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. We provide relevant, worthwhile and enjoyable learning opportunities.


In Geography we try to stimulate an interest in and a sense of wonder of places. We help students make sense of a complex and dynamically changing world. We use a variety of approaches to make geography come alive in the classroom. This involves pupils making ICT presentations, taking part in groupwork , creating displays, radio programmes and more. We offer a range of fieldwork opportunities across the year groups.

Please view KS4: KS4 Geography AQA GCSE Specification

YearAutumn 1
7 weeks
Autumn 2
7 weeks
Spring 1
6 weeks
Spring 2
5 weeks
Summer 1
7 weeks
Summer 2
6 weeks
7Geography is….A Sense of placeWeather and ClimateAmazing AfricaTools of the TradeLocal experts
OverviewEarth’s story Types of geography and vocabulary Think/Write like a GeographerGlobe work Latitude and Longitude World physical and human geography featuresWeather and climate Measuring the weather Hydrological cycle Types of rainfall Climate graphsPhysical human and environmental contrasts across the continent East Anglia and East Africa contrastedMap skills : Symbols direction scale relief grid references reading OS maps using GISSchool map work Local fieldwork : change in Long Stratton Improving the local environment
8Taking a BreakEarning a LivingShaping the Land 1The Middle EastChanging Planet 1Shaping the Land 2
OverviewEconomic value of tourism UK holiday destinations National Parks and conflicts of interestChange in UK employment structure Stages of the production process Globalisation Food milesGeological timescale Rock cycle Rock types and relief Types of Weathering soil formationKey physical and human geography of the M.E, Conflict in the region, Israel and PalestinePopulation explosion Population change at various scales Urban/rural contrasts Urban planet London and MumbaiGlaciated landscapes features of erosion and deposition Rivers processes and features Why do rivers flood ?
9Restless EarthClimate and EcosystemsChanging Planet 2Awesome AsiaAn Unequal WorldShaping the Land 3
OverviewEarth’s structure Plate tectonics Earthquake, volcano and tsunami case studiesMajor climate controls, World zones and Biomes, life in extreme environments, deforestation desertificationNatural resources demand and supply (Water and Oil) Global warming causes and effects Renewable energy SustainabilityRegional geography of Asia, Physical human and environmental contrasts across the continent, focus on Russia, India and changing ChinaMeasuring and mapping development Reasons for inequality Development enquiry Ending poverty , Fair tradeErosion, transport and deposition processes and features at the coast, Hard and soft rock coastlines Defending the Norfolk coastline – hard and soft engineering


In History we look at the past in order to understand the world we live in today. This involves becoming a “history detective”. Students explore evidence by looking at real events and people that have done brave, ordinary, terrible and amazing things. The skills learnt through studying history are highly desirable to employers. It is a subject that opens doors to a range of careers, including journalism, law, and media. Handling artefacts, independent research and fieldwork are all part of the course.

Please view KS4: KS4 History Edexcel GCSE

Autumn Term

Unit 1What is History ?
Unit 2 British History pre1066
7How do historians investigate the past ? An introduction to the key concepts of Chronology, Interpretation, Significance, Causation and Empathy
Unit 4 Church, State and Society in modern Britain 1509-17458The English Civil War—causes and effects. The Trial and execution of Charles 1 England under Cromwell : changing attitudes to the monarchy
Unit 6 Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world 1901-present.9The Titanic disaster, the class system Causes of WW1 : Life in the trenches, changes in warfare, the end of the War,

Spring Term

Unit 3 Church, State and Society in modern Britain 1066-15097The lead up to Hastings, the Battle itself and its aftermath. How did the Normans control England ? Aspects of Medieval Life : law and order, diet and health—the Black Death.
Unit 5 Church, State and Society in Britain 1750-19008The Age of Empires—the British Empire.
The Slave Trade—operation and abolition.
Unit 6 Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world 1901-present.9The rise of Dictatorships Adolf Hitler and the road to WW2 WW2 : theatres of War, the Home front,

Summer Term

Unit 3 Church, State and Society in modern Britain 1066-1509
Unit 4 Church, State and Society in
7The Changing role of the medieval monarch : King John and Magna Carta Religious change : Luther and Reformation The Tudor Dynasty
Unit 5 Church, State and Society in Britain 1750-19008The Industrial Revolution in Britain
19th Century change : Living and Working conditions, Transport
Unit 6 Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world 1901-present.9Superpower relationships : the Cold War the Vietnam War the War on Terror USA in the 20th Century : Martin Luther

Beliefs and Values

In Beliefs and Values we tackle the “Big” questions, exploring what the ultimate meaning and purpose of life might be, as well as questioning what is right and wrong. We try to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal religions. We help pupils consider their own beliefs and identity, and be open minded and respectful of other beliefs. In class, an enquiry approach is used where students find the answers to key questions. We develop students’ imagination, curiosity and a sense of wonder at the world in which we live.

Our programmes of study follow the statutory guidance for the New National Curriculum for Geography and for History.

Please view KS3: KS3 Beliefs and Values Overview
Please view KS4: KS4 Beliefs and Values AQA GCSE Specification

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