Welcome to the Humanities department at LSHS, comprising the subjects of Geography, History and Beliefs and Values.

All three subjects make a vital contribution to students’ knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. We provide relevant, worthwhile and enjoyable learning opportunities.


In Geography we try to stimulate an interest in and a sense of wonder of places. We help students make sense of a complex and dynamically changing world. We use a variety of approaches to make geography come alive in the classroom. This involves pupils making ICT presentations, taking part in groupwork , creating displays, radio programmes and more. We offer a range of fieldwork opportunities across the year groups.

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In History we look at the past in order to understand the world we live in today. This involves becoming a “history detective”. Students explore evidence by looking at real events and people that have done brave, ordinary, terrible and amazing things. The skills learnt through studying history are highly desirable to employers. It is a subject that opens doors to a range of careers, including journalism, law, and media. Handling artefacts, independent research and fieldwork are all part of the course.

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Religious Education

In Religious Education we tackle the “Big” questions, exploring what the ultimate meaning and purpose of life might be, as well as questioning what is right and wrong. We try to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal religions. We help pupils consider their own beliefs and identity, and be open minded and respectful of other beliefs. In class, an enquiry approach is used where students find the answers to key questions. We develop students’ imagination, curiosity and a sense of wonder at the world in which we live.

Our programmes of study follow the statutory guidance for the New National Curriculum for Geography and for History.

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Please view KS4: KS4 Beliefs and Values AQA GCSE Specification

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